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Supply Chain Management is essentially administration of an arrangement of interconnected organizations, focused on the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers. Logistics Management is a part of Supply Chain Management that deals with the planning, implementing, controlling of flow and storage of goods and services, between the point of origin and point of consumption. It also requires to focus on the information being exchanged between the two points.

MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management course includes acquiring knowledge and understanding the multiple facets of supply chain business from purchasing to customer regulations with the involvement of information technology along with various other aspects. It is a 2-year postgraduate course divided into 4 semesters. The course can be pursued after successful completion of graduation from a recognized university, with a minimum aggregate score of 45%, or equivalent qualification.

Topics covered under the course are Inventory Management, Risk Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain Optimization, Sourcing & Procurement, Retail Management, Warehouse Management etc. MBAโ€™s in Supply Chain and Logistics Management are hired in capacities such as Sale-purchase Assistant Manager, Materials Manager, Head of Supply, Assistant Manager, Logistic Trainee etc.