Leaders College

About Us

An Institution for Future Leaders

Leaders College focuses on meaningful and result oriented education which should ultimately produce successful professionals. Dr. Harshad A.K who is the Co-Founder and Director of the Brillianz Education Group and BIMS College, UAE while starting this dream project has in mind an array of future leaders who will dominate the market across the word in their own way. The institution has been structured in such a way that advanced facilities are made available in all areas like infrastructure, technology and library to name a few. With a line up of highly qualified, well-experienced, motivated and dedicated members of faculty who follow advanced and innovative methods of pedagogy and state-of-the-art facilities the institution can compete with any other similar institutions anywhere. It is proud to have strong industry interface apart from regular interaction and association with experts in academics and Industry. Under their guidance of both faculty and experts in the domain, students get excellent opportunities to equip themselves with their dream careers and make steady advancements in future as real leaders.

Life at Leaders

Leaders College โ€“ School of Business Studies offers immense opportunities for the self-development of the students. The curriculum is so designed that the students get an opportunity to update themselves on the different subjects prescribed as part of the course. Furthermore, students are exposed to programmes that help them develop their own personalities apart from making them confident future managers and administrators. The programmes organized have direct relevance to the existing market conditions and challenging business environment. The students emerge as real leaders by participating in different programmes as well as by organizing programmes. The members of faculty of the institution extend all support to make them think big and act big. The conceptual knowledge along with practical experience enables them to be perfect personalities who can face any challenge in the world of challenges. Every effort is taken to bring out the hidden talent of the students and the familiarity with advanced technology and innovative methods of teaching helps them in every possible way to emerge as competent and confident leaders, among other things.

Message from the Director

Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders


As the Director of Leaders College, I firmly believe in education as a transformative journey, nurturing progress across every facet of life. Our educational ethos revolves around instilling knowledge that not only aids personal growth but also contributes significantly to the advancement of our nation.

Education, in our view, extends beyond textbooks, instilling values of compassion and empathy towards all life forms. At Leaders College, our educational experience is designed to equip students with the requisite skills, both soft and hard, indispensable for thriving in today’s fiercely competitive world.

Our institution aims to shape students into refined, cultured individuals, surpassing mere expectations. We provide a comprehensive educational package tailored to prepare our students to not just survive but excel in an ever-changing, competitive landscape.

Together, we strive to create a learning environment that fosters excellence, integrity, and a profound sense of responsibility towards society. Welcome to Leaders College, where education transforms lives and shapes the leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. Harshad A.K
Managing Director
Brillianz & Leaders Group of Institutions

Leaderโ€™s Vision

Our vision centers on being a premier institution, offering exceptional infrastructure and facilities, dedicated to providing quality education. We aim to nurture students into global citizens, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to their country’s and the world’s development.โ€‹

Leaderโ€™s Mission

Our mission is to deliver top-tier education, shaping professionals capable of steering our nation’s future. We instill life values like honesty and humility in students, preparing them to contribute meaningfully to society.โ€‹